Cherenkov Telescope Array

Cherenkov Telescope Array


CTA (Suomi)

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Cherenkov telescopes have revolutionised high-energy astronomy over the last ten years. During this period, the number of objects detected through gamma-ray astronomy, based on photons in the TeV range, has risen from six to more than 160 and new objects are continuously being discovered. The most important Cherenkov telescopes have been the European managed MAGIC and HESS telescopes and the USA's VERITAS. These three largest telescope arrays have now decided to join forces and build a new-generation Cherenkov telescope array (CTA). The aim is to build two systems covering the entire sky, one for the southern hemisphere and the other for the northern hemisphere. Both together will include around a hundred telescopes, whose observations can be combined. Various research communities in Finland have been strongly involved in the CTA.

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Åbo universitet


astroparticle physics, very high energy astrophysics

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Cherenkov Telescope Array

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