Biobanking and biomolecular resources research infrastructure

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Biobanking and biomolecular resources research infrastructure


Beskrivning av infrastrukturen

Biobanks are considered to be essential facilitators of top-level research and health related innovations resulting new strategies for medical practice and public health, including new tools for diagnostics, treatment and intervention. is a National Node of BBMRI-ERIC operating with collaboration between the national biobanks, and was nominated to the Academy of Finland 2014 infrastructure roadmap. organizes an interface with national Network of Biobanks and Biological resources and coordinates their activities with those of BBMRI-ERIC. Overall, aims to create an internationally leading biobank infrastructure providing strategic support to biomedical research, healthcare and biomedical industry.

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Ansvarig organisation

Institutet för hälsa och välfärd


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Forskningsinfrastrukturens tjänster

Auria Biobank

THL Biobank

Hematological Biobank (FHRB Biobank)

Helsinki Urological Biobank (HUB Biobank)

Helsinki Biobank (AMCH Biobank)

Northern Finland Biobank Borealis

Tampere Biobank

Biobank of Eastern Finland

Central Finland Biobank


BBMRI-ERIC ELSI Common Services

BBMRI-ERIC Directory

KITE availability database

SamWise Biobank Database

Resource Entitlement Management System (REMS)

Meilahti Integrated Biobank Infrastructure (MIBI)

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