Infrastructure for Single Cell Capture and Processing

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Infrastructure for Single Cell Capture and Processing



Beskrivning av infrastrukturen

SC-infra -network aims at bringing the latest single-cell genomics tools available for the research community in Finland thus promoting high level research international competence and attractiveness of Finland as a research environment. Availability of the modern single cell techniques is not only important for advancing excellence in basic research, but also for creating platform for development of novel innovations and commercial applications. The collaborators of the consortium aim to build a national infrastructure and expertise for single cell processing. Different in-depth expertise and capabilities will be developed in each center based on the research areas and technology expertise.

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core facility, DNA, epigenomics, genotyping, national infrastructure, next generation sequencing, NGS, RNA, single cells, transcriptomics

Forskningsinfrastrukturens tjänster

Single-cell RNA-Seq with capture instruments

Single-cell DNA-Seq

Targeted sequencing after capture of single cells

Single-cell capture, transcriptome and epigenome analysis

Perturbation assays with Fluidigm Polaris

Single-cell RNA-Seq with DropSeq protocol

Custom assays with DropSeq and index sorted plates with STRT

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