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Instruct is a distributed research infrastructure built around pre-selected scientific centres of excellence in Europe (Instruct Centres), and led by scientists of exceptional skill, and coordinated by the Instruct Hub at University of Oxford. Instruct is included on the ESFRI (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructure) roadmap as a success story by European Commission. It makes major structural biology research facilities available to all researchers belonging to Instruct member countries and provides a variety of different sample preparation techiques. It also expedites the development of integrated structural cell biology and increases the amount of molecular and atomic-level information available on cellular-level events. Instruct develops technologies and methodologies and provides expertise for scientific discoveries in the field of structural cell biology. Instruct already functions as an international research infrastructure, within which the ICVIR (Instruct Centre for Virus and Macromolecular Complex Production) at the University of Helsinki is one of the operational Instruct Centres. The University of Helsinki is responsible for the coordination of the ICVIR Centre in Finland. Instruct is currently moving to the long-term stability of ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium) legal framework.

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Helsingfors universitet


Instruct, ICVIR, sample preparation, Intruct Centres, methods development, structural cell biology, virus purification

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Instruct Centre for Virus and Macromolecular Complex Production

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