European Infrastructure of Open Screening Platforms for Chemical Biology

European Infrastructure of Open Screening Platforms for Chemical Biology



Beskrivning av infrastrukturen

EU-OPENSCREEN is an ESFRI initiative bringing together the top European chemical compound screening sites to establish a distributed and complementary European infrastructure for chemical screening and chemical tool development. In addition, EU-OPENSCREEN will construct a unique, shared European compound collection and generate an open-access chemical bioactivity database allowing the scientific community to fully explore information generated for maximal impact of research investments. The essential added value of EU-OPENSCREEN is that novel tool compounds will be developed cost-effectively, and the tools will be made publicly available to the scientific community, benefiting both biological/chemical research and the strategic development of novel commercially valuable bioactive small molecules. Active Finnish participation in EU-OPENSCREEN will bring domestic scientists outstanding opportunities for high quality research breakthroughs, innovation, access to the unique European chemical library and technologies and services not currently available in Finland, as well as collaboration opportunities through influx of top-quality European scientific projects.

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Helsingfors universitet

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FIMM - Technology Center

FIMM - Biopanking Infrastructure

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