Small Festival Visitors 2013

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Small Festival Visitors 2013


The survey charted Finnish small festival visitors' overall experiences of the festivals. Additionally, the study surveyed how the festival organiser's value-based decision-making affected the visitors' experience. The small Finnish music festivals examined in the study included Ilmiö, Kuudes Aisti, Naamat, Pienet Festarit Preerialla and Ämyrock. First, questions concerning the reasons why the respondent visited the small festival, for example, interest in the theme of the festival, the good image of the festival, continuing a tradition of visiting the festival, and just wanting to have fun, were presented. The respondents' opinions on different aspects relating to the small festival they had visited, such as security, queuing, locality of the provided services and food and the use of sponsors, were surveyed next. The respondents were also asked how important several values were for them personally (e.g. power, pleasure, benevolence and tradition). Finally, the respondents' overall satisfaction in the festival was surveyed, and they were asked whether they thought they would attend the event in the future or recommend it to others. Background variables included the respondent's gender, year of birth, country of citizenship and level of education.
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University of Lapland

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Leisure, tourism and sport, mielipiteet, Vapaa-aika, matkailu ja urheilu, palvelut, arvot, Consumption and consumer behaviour, Kulutus ja kuluttajakäyttäytyminen, Kulttuuritoiminta ja -osallistuminen, mielipiteet kulttuurista, Cultural activities and participation, cultural events, cultural participation, kulttuuritapahtumat, musiikki, elämyspalvelut, entertainment, festivaalit, festivals, music, ohjelmistot, tapahtumat