Kuusamo wide-angle refraction and reflection survey


The Kuusamo seismic profiles are a collection of seismic P-wave velocity models obtained from multiple seismic experiments and published by Uski et al. (2012). The 10 profiles run mostly in the Archean Karelian bedrock in Northeastern Finland. In profiles 1, 2, 4 and 5, the recording was done by the Kuusamo seismic network and the nearest permanent stations MSF, SGF, OUL and KJN in 2003-2007. Profile 3 was recorded by broad-band stations of the SVEKALAPKO experiment seismic network in 1998-1999. Profiles 1-5 used local earthquakes and explosions as sources. The comparatively low number (11-26 stations) and geometry of the stations in profiles 1-5 limited the spatial resolution of the data. The remaining profiles 6-10 were older data from refraction experiments from the 1980s and 1990s. These profiles used military explosions and industrial explosions from mines and quarries as seismic sources. The distribution and density of data was better in profiles 6-10 due to larger number of stations (43-111 stations) and dense linear geometry (3-6 km average station spacing). Two-dimensional crustal P-wave velocity models constructed by Uski et al. (2012) are available for all the 10 profiles. Profiles 1-5 show less detailed velocity structure and have larger uncertainties in velocities and boundary depths because of the large data spacing. In profiles 6-10, the velocities and boundary depths are better constrained. Wide-angle sections are not available for the Kuusamo data. Uski, M., T. Tiira, M. Grad, and J. Yliniemi, 2012. Crustal seismic structure and depth distribution of earthquakes in the Archean Kuusamo region, Fennoscandian Shield. Journal of Geodynamics 53: 61–80.
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Helsingfors universitet - Upphovsperson, Utgivare

Institute of Geophysics - Upphovsperson

Uleåborgs universitet - Upphovsperson

Sodankylän geofysiikan observatorio - Upphovsperson


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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)


Finland, geology, Fennoscandia, seismology, DSS, geophysics, WARR, velocity model, wide-angle refraction and reflection, SVEKALAPKO, Kuusamo

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