MIKES Calotte Plates Part 1

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MIKES Calotte Plates Part 1


The samples are calotte plates designed and manufactured at VTT MIKES. They are calibration samples with internal and external diameters. Some calotte plates also have rough patterns at the back surface. The samples exist in four sizes and two materials, steel and aluminum. Samples were measured to determine the scale accuracy of the measurement in different scales and to explore the possibility of scale calibration. Another goal was to examine the effect of sample material on measurement accuracy and the measurement uncertainty caused by determination of sample surface. Rough patterns were included to see how well XCT is suited to surface roughness measurements in different scales.
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Geologian Tutkimuskeskus GTK

Jukka Kuva - Upphovsperson, Utgivare


Ville Heikkinen - Upphovsperson

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