FIRE (The Finnish Reflection Experiment) profile 3 including part 3A

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FIRE (The Finnish Reflection Experiment) profile 3 including part 3A


The Finnish Reflection Experiment (FIRE) dataset consists of seismic reflection data from 2,104 km of common mid-point (CMP) lines. The four FIRE transects cross-cut several geologically and economically important features of Fennoscandian Shield such as the Archaean–Proterozoic boundary and Outokumpu ore district. The original FIRE project took place between 2001 and 2005. It was conducted in co-operation between the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK), the Institute of Seismology at the University of Helsinki and the Institute of Geosciences and the Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory of the University of Oulu. The seismic contractor in the FIRE project was Specgeofizika S.E. together with Machinoexport S.E. The original report of the FIRE project can be found in the Special Paper 43 of the Geological Survey of Finland: Kukkonen, I.T., and Lahtinen, R. (Eds.), 2006. Finnish Reflection Experiment FIRE 2001-2005. Geological Survey of Finland, Special Paper 43, 247 pages. This dataset covers the FIRE profile 3 including additional part 3A. Data consist of pole co­ordin­ate files, common mid-point coordinate files, original field recordings, shot gathers, field statics, normal move-out and dip move-out stacks, migrated and depth-converted stacks, envelope sections and variable-area plots.
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Finland, geology, boundary, crust, Fennoscandia, Moho, reflection, seismology, shield, tectonics