Lower Secondary Student Views on Gender Roles and Life 2017-2018

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Lower Secondary Student Views on Gender Roles and Life 2017-2018


The dataset consists of 28 interviews with 11-15-year-old Helsinki schoolchildren, who discuss their lives and perceptions of gender and masculinity. The interviews also discuss school, family, friends and leisure time. Of the interviews, 22 are individual interviews and six are group interviews with 2-5 participants. A majority of the participants are boys. The data were collected as part of the project "Masculinities and Ethnicities in New Times: 11-14-year-olds in Helsinki schools". The research was funded by the University of Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies and Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation. The interviewers ask the participants' views on gender and gender role differences as well as whether gender affects friendships or behaviour. The interviewees also tell about their family relationships, school life, and leisure time activities such as social media use and hobbies. The participants were also asked about their hopes for the future, and whether they were able to discuss their worries with someone. The interviews also discuss bullying, cultural differences and the youth's experiences of the use and meaning of money. Background information in the data include interview date, duration and environment (e.g. school, home) as well as the interviewee's age, gender and cultural background. The interviews were conducted in three socio-economically different areas, and the participants had different cultural backgrounds. Photos used for elicitation were also archived. Background information on the photos include stock photo vendor and name of photographer (if known). The data were organised into an easy to use HTML version at FSD. The data are only available in Finnish.
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University of Helsinki. Collegium for Advanced Studies

Peltola, Marja - Upphovsperson

Phoenix, Ann - Upphovsperson

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gender, sukupuoli, adolescents, harrastukset, Nuoret, Youth, Compulsory and pre-school education, Esi- ja peruskoulu, koulu, schools, Social behaviour and attitudes, Sosiaalinen käyttäytyminen ja asenteet, sosiaaliset suhteet, rahankäyttö, social networks, tulevaisuudenodotukset, Gender and gender roles, Sukupuoli ja sukupuoliroolit, family life, perhe-elämä, gender role, boys, cultural pluralism, maskuliinisuus, money, monikulttuurisuus, pupils